Image Optimization for Digital Marketing Bangalore

Image Optimization as a part of your promotion strategy in Digital Marketing

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Image Optimization? Remember your childhood? Reading books was a part of daily curriculum and you did read them, but here is a little secret that you revealed to no one but yourself, You always preferred reading image-laden books to the descriptive textbooks. Why? Simple, images speak louder than words. Yes! Images are a better off way of conveying your messages as compared to plain text. It is a scientifically proven fact that people remember more of what they see than what they read. The point in question is why not use the wonder called images as a part of your search engine optimization strategy.

Image Optimization for Digital Marketers

If you own an online business, SEO is something you must be quite familiar with. However, have you ever considered using image optimization as a part of your promotion strategy? No? It is high time you do it, especially after Google has launched its dedicated ‘image search’ feature. Images are the most shared form of web content. Optimizing images as per search engine trends can escalate the effectiveness of the promoted content for digital marketers. If all this while you have been wondering about what image optimization is and how you must go about it, here is help! This post provides you an insight into the latest SEO trend of image optimization and renders tips that will help you optimize the images on your site for SE marketing purposes.

What is the Hype about Image Optimization?

Images are known to provide extended visibility in the web arena. Everyday millions of users across the globe search for images on all major search engines.

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However, have you ever wondered why images related to your business do not appear in the search results? Well, this is because they are not optimized. Image optimization means reducing the size of the images on your site in order to optimize the load time, while keeping the quality undeterred. This not only enhances the user-experience on your site but also elevates its SE ranking.

Now that you know what image optimization means and what wonders it does to the ranking of your online portal, its time you learn some quick tricks and tips that will help you in optimizing the media on your site as per SE standards.

Fantastic Five Tricks for Result-Oriented Image Optimization:

You have a fair idea about the concept of image optimization, but how do you go about it? Well, here is a five-step strategy, which will aid you in optimizing your site images for an enhanced web experience.

Be Choosy: Think wise when it comes to choosing the right image for your web portal. The image must be relevant in context with the products and services listed on your site. Remember, visitors do pay heed to your content but you need enticing images to drive them to your content.

The Namesake: It is all in the name. Yes! The right file name is pivotal for effective optimization. It decides whether your file will show up in search results or not. So, instead of assigning any random name to your file, use some relevant phrases. For instance, if you are using an image related to SEO, name it as “SEO.jpg” or “search-engine-optimization.jpg” instead of some random “454257.jpg”. Use the keywords you are trying to target.

Anchor Tagging: If you are using links to images, you have an excellent opportunity at hand. Define the anchor tags carefully. Again, if you are working on a SEO-related image your link must say something like this- “SEO Image”, rather than this “click here to view the image.”

Alt Text: Alt text or alternate text is the text that appears when your image fails to show up or when user hovers over your image. Ensure that you use relevant keywords as you define your image in the alt text. By doing so, you can add extra keywords in your content without making it obvious.

Relevancy and Moderation is the Key: Access of anything is bad, even image optimization. If you overdo it, you have chances of spamming. Therefore, use limited number of images that contain keywords in their names or tags.
Images not only improve the presentation of your content but they also give an extra scope to improve the SE ranking of your web pages. Thus, from next time on whenever you see an image suitable for your site content, grab it and harness it to the best potential. Call Us for Free consultation Digital Marketing Agency Bangalore


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