How a creative Web designer Interacts with you

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That moment when you realize you need a website for you company/business and you look after for an efficient and creative web designer, to let dream of owning a website into a reality. But let’s be honest many of us are not aware of how to approach a web designer? How to put a clear word with your designer in order to make it best and turn into a money generating machine? You might even wonder how to put across your requirements with such creative talents?

Well first of all you have to understand that it’s not an easy task for a fresher (In this case, it’s you who have little or no knowledge about it) to build a website keeping all the required parameters, if it was then you wouldn’t had look for one. Now in order to proceed further and lay down your plans in the web designers hand, first try to know what exactly a web designer is, what they do and how they do?

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Creative Designer Approach

An independent and creative designer who has a strong sense of visual style, have an eye for detail and sense of perfectionism. He’s a self optimistic team player with strong communication skills, an efficient worker who produce quality at pace, whilst managing their time effectively. He not only have a good understanding of typography, colour and layout but also passionate about design, technology and all the things which is digital. In short he’s a creative store house who understands how the things are built online and on-device and on all the possible platforms.


So, when you approach a designer to help you in building your website, kindly do not cross question his talents. Obviously you should be concerned and ask relevant questions to your probable designer about all the things you want to make sure of. For reference, you can read my blog on – ‘HOW TO CHOOSE AND HIRE A WEB DESIGNERS’ for easier approach.

Let me tell you, he may sound like a Tech- Geek, but that’s only because he had dedicated years and years doing the same thing. So, next time if any designers use terms like; UX/UI design, SEO, typography, block-level-elements, CSS framework, embedded style, HTML codes, nesting, wireframe etcetera that only means he’s well versed with his job. He may try to make you understand in simpler and easier way but then if you’re far away from the ABC of web designing then you cannot blame him for nothing porting in your head. When you approach a developer/designer respect him first and trust with the fact that he’s going to take care of the work you’ve assigned him but also that he’ll do it perfectly within the time frame provided. That’s why you’re paying him. Isn’t it?

Of course, now to hire a great web designer, you need to appreciate the whole environment. The most fundamental, radical requirement is need and understanding by the developer, in short an effective communication.  To get the bottom of what will actually constitute your success, you need to apply both good listening (which is pro-active and may be challenging) and discernment – good judgment, based on experience and common sense, which will help you and the designer/developer to refine what the site needs to achieve.

To conclude, the core of business is basically marketing: working out what people want and how to provide in a way that they choose you rather than something else or nothing.

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